Testdroid Recorder release update

Hi all,

we just updated Testdroid Recorder with the latest fixes for WebView support in test playback. We have eliminated the annoyingly long delay needed for initialization (which may have taken 1-2min. before first action on WebView). Now it works almost in real time, just like for other actions.


You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update) or use below button (if you have Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse IDE):

Handling HTML inside Android WebView in Testdroid Recorder!

Hi all,
we are very proud to introduce you new way of testing WebView in your applications. Especially to record and playback tests for html-based application embedded in WebView (for instance by using PhoneGap framework).
We extended our recorder-extensions library using by playback tests and we implemented recognition of actions on HTML elements inside WebView in the newest version of Testdroid Recorder.

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Recording from WebView

Hi all,

I would like to present how to implement WebView in your application for good cooperation with Testdroid Recorder.

First issue is, that we can’t handle any events from WebView, if you don’t use own WebClient and don’t override method shouldOverrideUrlLoading with command view.loadUrl(url) For example:

[sourcecode language=”java”]
webView.setWebViewClient(new MyWebViewClient());

private class MyWebViewClient extends WebViewClient {
public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, String url) {
return false; //it doesn’t matter true or false for recording

If you override this method websites are opened directly in WebView, not in default browser. Anyway, all what we are able to record from WebView are clicks on screen (x, y), drags, send keys and enter texts. I hope this help you testing your application with WebViews.