Talking Testdroid

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 People have been buzzing about Testdroid in anticipation of Google I/O this week. When developers converge in San Francisco this week, there is a pretty good chance we will be a large part of their conversation. After all, people are already excited! Here is what they have been saying:

 Says Rafael Munoz, Critical Path,

 It’s clearly the best tool right now in the Android landscape to automate and run your integration tests. And with the current Android fragmentation, it is mandatory to have a completely automatic test plan if you want to cover at least a significant percentage of the possible devices in which your app is going to run.

 Without that, you have only two options: invest heavily in manual testing taking into account that investment would be a lot larger than your development one and that even with that it would rarely be enough, or simply going blindly without the necessary testing, which is a recipe for bad user experience.

 Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Server makes it possible to automate all your tests, lowering significantly the technical barrier and making the choice really a no-brainer.

 Says Jukka Parkkinen, OP-Bank,

 Trust is the only thing a bank can offer to a customer! A very important part of trust is the quality of our digital services. We cannot afford any failure on those! It is very important to verify our software in all possible devices where it could be used. Testdroid is giving us an opportunity to make very effective testing throughout the big variety of Android devices. Testdroid saves us money, resources and time and we can be sure that our software runs in all available devices.

 Says Tung-Huy La, Flipboard

 Testdroid allows startups with a limited budget, like ourself, to quickly assess the functional compatibility and performance characteristics of their Android product(s) across a multitude of Android devices without the need to spend tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars on hardware acquisition, device management, and human labor.

 It’s clear that Testdroid is already proving that it can be a trusted time and money saver, so who can blame people for being excited?