Test your apps on both Android and iOS devices with Testdroid Server

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Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that Testdroid Server is now supporting iOS as well. Many of our customers were saying that the diversity of iOS devices is starting to create a similar challenge to their testing as Android did before Testdroid. We took our customers’ concerns seriously and now you can use Testdroid Server to automatically test your applications on the two most popular operating systems simultaneously.

Like many of our more security concious customers, you may be uncomfortable to upload your ‘most awesome application ever that can beat all the competitors on the market’ before it is launched or your security policy simply does not allow you to copy any unpublished versions of the apps outside of your firewall. Not to worry: we have developed Testdroid Server for this purpose!

Everyone who has tried out Testdroid Server knows the tremendous benefits is has to offer. In addition to the exact same feature set as Testdroid Cloud, Testdroid Server also provides you full privacy and data protection by creating an internal testing infrastructure in your lab (more details on Testdroid Server).
Like on on Android platform where Testdroid Server supports standards testing frameworks like JUnit, Robotium and Google UI Automator, on iOS side Testdroid Server supports UI Automation scripts – the standard way of creating automated tests for iOS applications directly from xCode development environment. As an added benefit you can finally create a continuous integration infrastructure that allows you to test your iOS app on unlimited number of real iOS devices directly from every code commit. With just one Testdroid Server license you can easily test your applications on as many Android and iOS devices as you want, without losing any control over testing results.
Interested in Testdroid Server? Drop your email address at our website. Just give it a try, we will help you get the most out of it.
Testdroid Team