Testdroid at AnDevCon 2015 in Santa Clara – December 1-3, 2015

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When it comes to Android developer conferences, one of the most popular ones is AnDevCon – and it just got started yesterday. Again, there are lots of great sessions, classes and keynotes, all things about Android. This time, we have our own Dave Horner doing a presentation on Mobile App Testing in the Cloud. Our presentation is sponsored by our great partner Intel and it will focus on introducing some of the best practices in mobile app testing, providing a vendor review on variety of different types of players, and some tips and tricks of how to select the right partner/vendor for your app testing needs.

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AnDevCon is the technical conference for professional software developers and engineers building Android apps. Offering mobile app development training, embedded Android secrets, and Android app development tutorials and classes, AnDevCon is the biggest, most info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world.

Mobile App Testing In the Cloud

Time: Wednesday 2nd of December, 2:15pm – 2:45pm

Description: Cloud testing is becoming the norm. This presentation will review vendors in the market and the important considerations in preparing for the use of cloud based testing services. You will take away the following insights:

  • Vendor summaries
  • How to eliminate vendor lock-in
  • When to automate vs. manually test
  • Using open testing frameworks
  • Cloud testing best practices
  • IT connectivity considerations
  • Deployment options and customization
  • 5 things to ask your provider

This class is sponsored by Intel.

If you are attending at AnDevCon in Santa Clara, do not miss this presentation!