Testdroid Cloud 2.5 is Out!

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We are thrilled to bring you the latest Testdroid Cloud – version 2.5 – with lots of new features and bug fixes. Again, it is now more user friendly, smoother and easier to manage your projects.

N.B. Clear browser caches and refresh the pages to get the new Testdroid Cloud in case of any unexpected issues.

New Features:

Interactive Gets Disconnected Automatically When You Leave

Before the new release, we had noticed that many users accidentally left Testdroid Cloud web UI by clicking the browser ‘close’ button without stopping Interactive session first. This made the device hanging and in use all the time, which caused much waiting time for the next user who wanted to test on that certain device.

In this release, we have added the feature that Interactive session will be discontinued automatically even when you leave Testdroid Cloud web UI. Paying customers now also have no risk of wasting device hours due to this accident leave.

Detailed Subscription Info

Our Subscriptions now show the remaining device hours and additional hours that have been used, as well as the estimated cost (screenshots shown as below). With this feature, it would be easier for you to control the testing hours for different projects, especially at the end of each month.

Remaining Device Hours at Testdroid Cloud

Other New features:

  • ChromeDriver Updated to 2.14 for Appium use
  • All latest Calabash Android gems are installed
  • Synchronized the filters between Test Run view and Device Run view


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ‘Not executed devices shown succeeded in device sessions’
  • Fixed ‘No results for test with test timeout exception’
  • Fixed ‘Wrong display of status for a test run’
  • Fixed ‘Interactive logs not connecting from MacOSX and Safari’
  • Fixed ‘Tests do not finish when they meet timeout’

Enjoy testing with Testdroid!