Testdroid Cloud Advances to 2.3 with New Features

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Lots of you might have noticed that we have pushed out a new release of Testdroid Cloud last night. The new version – 2.3 provides a much better, faster and smoother user experience than the ones you’ve used before. Let’s take a look at all of these great features one by one.

N.B. First things first, in case you met some unexpected UI problems, you need to clear the browser caches and refresh the page to make new UI enhancement work.

Run in Cloud (RiC) Jenkins

If you frequently submit test runs via RiC Jenkins plugin, you now have the option in RiC Jenkins plugin to download test results including screenshots. Once your test runs are finished, your results will be downloaded and saved in your Jenkins workspace.

Download test results w/ RiC

General UI improvements

First, you will find many changes on the login page of cloud.testdroid.com. The front page is now in white. And there is a more visible and easy-to-click ‘Register’ button, where you can easily sign up for Testdroid Cloud.

In addition, we believe that anyone who lands on cloud.testdroid.com mainly wants to use our services and doesn’t want to get distracted. Therefore, we have moved those social icons to the bottom, together with our copyright info.

Login Page

While we keep the sliding menu for smaller browser windows, users can now see an inline menu on large browser windows (Width is greater than 1,024 pixels) after you are logged in. This will help users navigate within different tabs more easily.

Inline Menu

When you switch to Projects view, you will be able to quickly go through every test run of your last project without seeing ‘Select project to view test runs’ notification. Every question mark (?) on the top right corner of the widgets used to either direct you to a general user manual or show you a pop up when you click on it. Now we have updated all of the question marks to point to the correct pages on our help section. If you’d like to clear up all possible puzzles before heavily using Testdroid Cloud, you can read them here.

New View

Device Run view

Device reporting wise, we have added in the feature of switching to different devices in device run view. Once you click on another device in the carousel, the device info, screenshots, performance report and the logcat will change accordingly.

Also you will find the command line, where you can filter passed, failed, excluded and not executed device, and search a specific device in case you have trouble to locate it after running tests on a large number of devices.

Device Run view

Testdroid Interactive

Testdroid Interactive is one of the features on which we have spent a ton of efforts during the past several releases. And of course, it is getting more reliable and faster (seriously faster than ever). More importantly, in this version, you are able to read the logs instantly when you perform an action on the device. By reading logs in real time, users are able to see the errors right away, which are marked in red.

Interactive Real-Time Log

On top of that, you have quite a few command buttons on the device logs, e.g. search logs, pause receiving logs, clear logs, toggle log view background color, download logs, and read logs in full screen.

Device Log Command

Happy Testing