Testdroid Cloud MAX Plan – The Superior Plan to Make Your Mobile App Robust

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Hello Testdroiders!

We launched recently a new Testdroid Cloud plan that enables you to get the best out of your test automation investment – our special competence combined with the superior plan at Testdroid Cloud – a.k.a. Testdroid Cloud MAX plan. During its first month, this new plan has been extremely well-taken. In case you are interested to check how we could help to you to make your mobile app or game super robust, do not miss this one!

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Our dedicated engineer will be at your service and provides you assistance during all phases of testing. All our dedicated test automation engineers have years of experience in working with mobile app testing, test automation frameworks and continuous integration. You can use the dedicated engineer as your own resource – from test case definition to test script creation, and even manual testing.

Dedicated engineer will be at your service approximately 50 hours / month during the valid plan.

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Testdroid Cloud operates all test runs with built-in algorithm to optimally provide testing time for every application. With Testdroid Cloud MAX, your priority is the highest (PLATINUM) and you’ll test runs will be always first in line.

Testdroid Cloud has 4 different priorities: Free, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The number of Platinum plans available for customers is limited.

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There are no limitations in number of test runs on all our devices hosted at Testdroid Cloud. We are also constantly monitoring and maintaining our devices – 24 hours per business day – so devices, data and test results can be accessed any time.

Currently Testdroid Cloud hosts 280+ Android and 20+ iOS devices. We are adding 5-20 devices every month depending on availability of new devices.

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Our cloud infrastructure is built on top of widely used and accepted open standards, using various industry’s leading products to bridge pieces to each others. The API allows your organization to integrate it with continuous integration, build systems, internal scripts/build systems, and even development & debugging tools.

Testdroid Cloud can be accessed manually, through REST API, and even from development tools.

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A dedicated Customer Success Manager is all about pro-actively making sure you get value from your relationship with Bitbar and get the most value from use of Testdroid products and services.

The Customer Success Manager assigned for you is involved in the full customer lifecycle starting post-contract and continuing throughout the subscription period.

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