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Testdroid PrivateCloud provides global access for its users to develop and test mobile applications on dedicated, preselected and configured devices for their unique needs 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 12, 2014 – Bitbar Inc., the creator of Testdroid – a popular cloud-based Android and iOS development and testing service for apps and games, announced today that it has launched Testdroid PrivateCloud to help mobile developers to use dedicated real devices for their development and testing needs. With Testdroid PrivateCloud, mobile developers have an access to fully automated test environment where reserved devices are 24/7 available for them, monitored, secured and maintained by Bitbar Inc.

Testdroid PrivateCloud is a cloud-based Devices-as-a-Service platform for enterprises to enable development and testing of their mobile applications and games on dedicated and pre-selected set of Android and iOS devices. Users of Testdroid PrivateCloud can easily enable new devices and eliminate the IT costs of the device management, such as device monitoring, installation and update of new OS versions, drivers and generic updates.

Testdroid PrivateCloud provides a secure way to use the most essential smartphones and tablets for development and testing with unlimited access, time and users on reserved devices, and enable its users freedom of choice with test automation frameworks. All devices are governed and maintained 24 hours per day and those devices are located in secure premises at Bitbar Inc. The service can be integrated via API, accessed manually and even from development tools by the user organization, and can be configured with different permission and privilege levels for its users.

Successful apps and games in mobile landscape are tightly attributed to robustness, reliability and the user experience of application. Our Testdroid PrivateCloud brings an extremely scalable, dynamic solution for companies in order to build their mobile apps and games yet more robust and compatible with an array of different real handsets and tablets, and enabling greater user experiences among users,” said Jouko Kaasila, President and CEO of Bitbar Inc.

As well as providing the mobile industry’s most cutting-edge testing solutions, Bitbar also provides its customers with a full range complementing testing services, including assisting in test automation creation and implementation. With the help of Testdroid products its customers get the most robust and reliable apps and games built for their end-users.

About Testdroid PrivateCloud

Bitbar offers hundreds of unique, real devices with Testdroid PrivateCloud, running on different OS versions, OEM customizations, sets of selected apps preinstalled, as well as comparison of real hardware characteristics, with different screen resolutions, memory size, and chipsets. More information about Testdroid PrivateCloud can be found at https://bitbar.com/testing/solutions/private-cloud/

About Bitbar Inc.

Bitbar is a technology and service company that focus on providing the high-performance mobile software development and testing solutions for mobile app and game developers. The company’s flagship product – Testdroid Cloud – has been used to make many of the most popular mobile apps and games reliable, highly optimized and compatible across the Android and iOS device ecosystem. Bitbar Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, with R&D operations in Finland and Poland. More about the company, products and customers at https://bitbar.com/testing/

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