Testdroid Integrates with GameBench to Bring Mobile Game Performance Profiling to the Cloud

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The popular cloud-based mobile game development platform will enable real-time performance profiling and resource monitoring on Android devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 4, 2015 Bitbar Inc., the creator of Testdroid – the most advanced cloud-based Android and iOS development and testing service for apps and games, announced today its integration with GameBench, the industry’s first usability analysis and one-tap testing tool, for instant performance profiling of mobile games on Testdroid Cloud’s Android devices.

Testdroid Cloud has provided a solid mobile game testing platform for hundreds of Android and iOS games and variety of top game developers are using the service on a daily basis. The integration with will provide outstanding capabilities for Android game developers to analyze performance bottlenecks, monitor system resource usage and get everything in a comprehensive report from Testdroid’s Cloud service running GameBench in real-time.

GameBench is a unique tool that non-intrusively monitors how well an Android game or app runs on a particular phone or tablet. GameBench works in the background captures key performance metrics such as Frame rate (FPS), FPS stability, CPU, GPU, memory usage and network traffic, without having to root your devices.

“In order to get gamers engaged and play games, graphics performance and slick gameplay is one of the most essential things to get right in mobile games. Sophisticated performance profiling and resource monitoring is the key thing to improve and provide better user experiences,” said Marko Kaasila, CEO of Bitbar Technologies Ltd. “We’re thrilled to work with the GameBench team to bring their unique mobile performance analysis tool into our Testdroid Cloud and make creation of better mobile games smoother and easier for our customers.”


“Our strategic relationship with Testdroid now lets us offer our testing technology across hundreds of devices with a single click. This relationship will benefit the entire developer ecosystem and we are excited to part of it,” said Sri Kannan Iyer, CEO, GameBench.

To access the service, visit bitbar.com/testing/ for more information.

As well as providing the mobile industry’s most cutting-edge testing solutions, Bitbar provides its customers with a full range of complementing testing services, including assisting in test automation implementation. Testdroid enables its customers to get the most robust and reliable apps and games built for their end-users with the fastest time to market.

About Bitbar Technologies

Bitbar is a technology and service company with focus on providing high-performance mobile software development and testing solutions for mobile app and game developers. The company’s flagship product – Testdroid Cloud – has been used to make many of the most popular mobile apps and games reliable, highly optimized and compatible across the Android and iOS device ecosystems. Bitbar is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and has a global footprint with operations also in San Francisco, Mountain View and Wroclaw, Poland. More about the company, products and customers at https://bitbar.com/testing/

About GameBench

GameBench is a Bristol (UK) -based, privately funded startup founded in 2012. It is independent of any other mobile company, and is committed to enabling the transparent, objective and accurate measurement of mobile performance and usability data. For more information, please visit www.gamebench.net

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