Testdroid Professional Services – A Dedicated Specialist for Automating Your App Testing

Dear Testdroiders,

As you might know, we’ve offered professional services for creating test scripts and integrating all Testdroid products into your continuous integration environments, build systems, various different tools and other scripts. Today, we’re launching a new service that will bring you even more value – if you are looking to adopt test automation on real devices, without any significant effort required from your side.

Testdroid Professional Services provide you an easy and seamless way to start automating tests for your mobile app or game. With this service engagement, we can help you to get your test automation up and running, build you the test scripts that reveal the problems in your apps, and we can ensure your quality assurance produces the best value for your mobile app development and process. The best part of our services are provided as a mentorship: during the engagement, we will educate you to learn all the best tips and tricks, as well as the best practices when it comes to test automation. After the consultation / training, you have all knowledge and skills to conduct mobile testing with the select test automation frameworks, and running those efficiently on real devices. In addition, this service engagement is now available to all Testdroid product deployment options (Cloud, PrivateCloud, Enterprise) and plans (SOLO, Premium, MAX).

Testdroid Professional Services


Dedicated Specialist For Your App

Our dedicated engineer will be at your service and provides you assistance during all phases of testing. All our dedicated test automation engineers have years of experience in working with mobile app testing, test automation frameworks and continuous integration. You can use the dedicated engineer as your own resource – from test case definition to test script creation, and works as a mentor and testing trainer for you.

By working with our engineers, you will not only be given robust test scripts but your team will acquire the knowledge to take over after the consultation/training has ended.

Ultimate Flexibility and Scalability

You select the most suitable plan for yourself and everything else will be taken care for you. Migrating between the plans and product deployment options is easy and fast. We’re also monitoring and maintaining the system and devices 24 hours per business day – so that you can access devices, data and test results any time, with the most convenient approach for you.

Devices, plans, integration – all will be maintained and monitored for you 24 hours per business day.

API Access and Integration to Your Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure is built on top of widely used and accepted open standards, using various industry’s leading products to bridge pieces to each others. The API allows your organization to use it with continuous integration, internal scripts/build systems, and development & debugging tools.

Testdroid Cloud can be accessed manually, through REST API, and even from development tools.

Customer Success Management Brings More Value For You

A dedicated Customer Success Manager pro-actively ensures you get value from your relationship with Bitbar and get the most value from use of Testdroid products and services. The Customer Success Manager assigned for you is involved in the full customer lifecycle starting post-contract and continuing throughout the subscription period.

The Customer Success Manager assigned for you is involved in the full customer lifecycle starting post-contract and continuing throughout the subscription period.

You can also download the datasheet about Testdroid Professional Services.