Testdroid Recorder 0.9.5.alpha is out!

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First trial version of Testdroid Recorder Alpha has been out for few weeks now and we have been overwhelmed with the positive response it has received and the sheer amount of downloads every day!

Naturally as the product is still in Alpha there are some issues to fix and we have had very good defect reports from our Alpha users. We are fixing these issues on continuous basis and will be releasing the fixes every second week. We are also preparing a list of known issues as well as a list of all Android UI widgets that Testdroid Recorder currently recognizes.

Please check out latest alpha at https://bitbar.com/download. If you have installed previous versions, you can just update it by going to About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update (Eclipse restart is necessary).

What’s new:
* a bunch of bug fixes
* reverted back to official Robotium 2.3 (forked version had issues)
* support for list scroll
* support for menu item clicks

Things we’re currently working on, should be there rather soon:
* better support for dialogs
* better support for text editing / auto complete
* better support for custom components (own views, listeners)
* … as well we have a list of miscellaneous android components to add support for …

If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact support@bitbar.com. We’re constantly improving the Recorder and feedback will help us prioritize fixes and new features.

PS. Stay tuned – we’ll inform of new releases here.