Testdroid Recorder 1.1.13 is out with great new features

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Hi all,

A new and significantly improved version of Testdroid Recorder is out and this time our development team has really really delivered good stuff – and plenty of it! Here are the new features and improvements in Testdroid Recorder:


First and maybe the most important new feature in Testdroid Recorder is ScaleClicks. With ScaleClicks your xy clicks (clicks on certain coordinates on the screen instead of clicks on certain button or text field etc) become truly scalable across all resolutions! That’s right – even if you have xy scrolls and clicks in your recording, the new Testdroid Recorder stores them in a way that they can be re-scaled when the tests are run. This means that even if you make your recording on one resolution, you can run your tests on a totally different resolution and all clicks that are using coordinates work – this is ground breaking! You can check out the power of  ScaleClicks just by recording your tests and then running them on all devices at Testdroid Cloud, it is just amazing 🙂

Resolving R.ids when recording tests from APK

Testdroid Recorder can now resolve the resource id’s for UI elements even when you are recording your tests without having the application source code available. When you record your tests from APK you now get the same robust Robotium code using refences to r.ids whenever they are resolvable. This together with oher improvements in this release will take your Robotium tests to a higher level in terms of robustness and scalability across different Android devices.

Clicks on hardware keys are now recognized

The new version of Testdroid Recorder recognizes also all clicks to hardware keys as well as to all soft keys.

Improvements on recording text field inputs

Now the text input to any text field is identified right after the focus moves away from the text field. This enables much more accurate capturing of entered texts. Also text inputs are now recorded with correct indexes.

Recognizing all inherited UI widgets

Testdroid Recorder can now recognize even all custom UI widgets as long as they are inherited from some standard Android UI widget – again a huge improvent that allows very versatile use of Testdroid Recorder.

Faster recording

We have optimized the recording event so that the Recorder and the application under recording are more responsive and the whole Recording is much smoother.

Bug fixes

On this release we fixed a good amount of clear bugs, some of which were reported by our loyal users – Thank you very much for those ‘improvement suggestions’! The highlights of fixed bugs include:

– Activity with package name does not duplicates package name anymore.
– No NullPointerExceptions on Finish button of empty test.
– Commented Activities are not taken into consideration.
– Minium size to Wizards is set.
– ‘No’ button in report notification dialog.
You can update to this great new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).