Testdroid Recorder 2.2 is out!

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Hi all,

It’s been a month since the previous Testdroid Recorder release and there are quite a few cool new things we have been working on. Here are the biggest changes and improvements in version 2.2:

First Recording Wizard:

We created a simplified wizard to help you with testing applications. Now you do not need to create a test project. First Recording Wizard will do it for you. We also created sample application, which will be automatically created if you want to see Testdroid Recorder in action right away. We hope that it helps first time users of Testdroid Recorder to better grasp what Testdroid Recorder is capable of and simplify testing for our regular users. More information about this new feature can be found in tutorial First Recording

Smart Asserts:

Another great improvement is “Smart Asserts”, which can help you to control, what is presented on the screen, which controls (views) are enabled or disabled at the specific time. On the screen below we present example of that. More information about that you can find in tutorial Using Smart Asserts

Command creator and editor:
Now you can insert your own test commands between recorded test steps and edit them if you need. This is very useful in cases where Testdroid Recorder, for some reason, does not correctly recognize some specific event or if you would like to add steps and validations that cannot be captured during normal recording process. Command creator and command editor you can used with right click menu during recording. More information on Command Creator and Command edit can be found in tutorial Advanced recording

Screen orientation recognition:
We have also added a very useful feature that has been requested already for a while: Automatic Screen Orientation recognition. This cool feature recognizes the device orientation during recording and uses the same orientation when the tests are played back. This orientation can change even during one recording so you can cover several orientations as within one test script – sweet!

Taking screenshots when tests fail
This is another great feature proposed by our users. Now Testdroid will automatically take a screenshot when a test case fails! This is essential when you want quickly check what was going on in the screen when the test case failed. These screenshots will also be shown next to the stack trace in Testdroid Cloud to make your debugging even easier!

Other new smaller improvements are:

  • Using Testdroid helper library instead of repeating code in Robotium output
  • Support for features in Robotium 3.2.1 library
  • Long clicks recognition
  • Dialog with progress instead of info in console by run in cloud
  • Resigning apk with given keystore
  • Storing last used run configuration and set it as default

Bug fixes: 

On this release we also fixed a good amount of clear bugs, some of which were reported by our loyal users – Thank you very much for those ‘improvement suggestions’! The highlights of fixed bugs include:

  • uploading apk – showing status info and progress bar
  • Fixes in drag commands
  • removed unnecessary scrollListToLine
  • double clicks opens and closes tree in Recording Page
  • pressing enter authorize when password is given
  • recorder method list doesn’t move to “wrong” place after pasting and dragging
  • removed warnings from generated output
  • run configurations combo won’t contain wrong run configurations anymore
  • recording clicks on ExpandableListView are now recognized
  • drags are recorded more accurately


You can update to this great new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).