Testdroid Recorder 2.3 is out!

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Hi all,
2 weeks has passed since the last release, and now we are ready with the new release with new functionalities and improvements for Recorder. The biggest changes in Testdroid Recorder 2.3 are:

Eclipse proxy handler
We have improved the Testdroid Recorder proxy support and help you to connect our Testdroid Cloud to run your tests on real devices.
Now you can connect to Testdroid service via proxy set in Eclipse. These settings can be changed in Eclipse Preferences -> General -> Network Connections. These settings now apply to Testdroid Recorder too.

Recording Page refactor
We did refactor the Recording Page. We have added new icons are and a toolbar, which includes the most useful options. We also added button with dropdown menu for new commands.

Waiting commands
Next improvement are waiting commands (asserts). Before each command on view we added a waiting command. Hopefully this will help you to test your applications more robustly. Using waiting commands is very important, because sometimes there were inconsistent test results  for example in our cloud, and almost every time the issue was the network delay. There were actions on content (for instance click on image), which wasn’t present on the screen yet due fetching the images from the server.

Waiting commands are also available in dropdown menu.

Anyway if you don’t need them, you can easily turn them off in Preferences

Recording actions from WebView
We improved recorded actions from WebView. We changed clickOnView to clickOnScreen and we removed unnecessary long clicks after drags. More information, how to properly record actions from WebView, you can find here.

Other new smaller improvements are:

  • R.id recognition for edit texts

Bug fixes: 

On this release we also fixed a good amount of clear bugs, some of which were reported by our loyal users – Thank you very much for those ‘improvement suggestions’! The highlights of fixed bugs include:

  • Corrected focus after deleting selected command in Recording Page
  • Fixed problem with target Google API
  • Numbering screenshots
  • Problem with resolving some apk files
  • Strange sleep values removed
  • Possibility adding screenshots when recording was stopped
You can update to this great new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).