Testdroid Recorder 2.4 is out!

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Hi all,

it has been only 3 weeks since the previous release of Recorder, we are ready to release bunch of great new features. The most important changes are:

Handling of WebView:

Since the first version of Recorder there has been a clear need for supporting WebView. 3 weeks ago we added very simple WebView handling – click on screen and drags were recorded there. But now we are proud to announce the first version with WebView handling based on html elements inside html page. You can record and playback tests on application using internal WebView (for instance application based on PhoneGap framework) which is currently impossible even using WebDriver based Selenium because it always opens external WebView. As mentioned earlier, this is first version capable of handling of WebViews so we are keen to get any feedback from our customers to make improvements to this part. More information about the WebView recording and playing test you can find here.


Now for more readability users can put some commands into sub-methods. Commands generated automatically after click on “smart assert” are also put in separate method. Sub-methods works similar to commands, meaning we can copy, cut, paste it, drag&drop and remove but more we can also drag commands and drop into sub-method. Sub-methods also can be put inside each other.

Project configuration available by “Run in Testdroid Cloud” feature

Recorder extended “Run in Testdroid Cloud” feature to let users choose on which cluster they want to run tests. It is possible now to check how much “Run” will cost. But we not limited to choosing the cluster: Users can also set other settings like on our cloud UI.

Other features:

  • Default endpoints by advanced settings in preference pages (it helps user to set proper endpoints by private Testdroid cloud installations)
  • New command to output user defined data to logcats for further analysis
You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).

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