Testdroid Recorder 2.6 is out!

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Hi all,
there is new version of the Recorder released. There are few important features we would like to share with you. The most important things are:

Date & Time PickersRobotium solo has nice methods setDatePicker and setTimePicker. We decided, it would be nice to use them, so now we don’t record clicks on these pickers. Instead of clicks we record actions, which are translated to dedicated solo methods. There is one limitation: pickers must have R.id set, otherwise we record them as clicks on screen (which are automatically scaled to all resolutions). These new commands (for manual usage) are also available under “Append Command” in the menu during recording.
Informing about Recorder updatesFrom now on , we will inform you about a new version of the Recorder when you launch it. It is important that you keep your Testdroid recorder up to date as we are adding new useful features every two weeks and you don’t want to miss out on the good stuff…

Ability to choose language for test run when run in cloudIn Run configurations you can choose the device language for test run. Language will be changed on the devices during test execution. This feature is really important for everyone who has a localized versions of their app and it is supported by all 120+ devices in Testdroid Cloud as well. Now you can see exactly how our application looks like on different languages on each real device.

Ability to skip uploading APK file when run in cloudThere is ability to skip uploading APK file, if there is some in the selected project. We display basic information about this file (its name and date of uploading). This feature is especially useful if there has not been changes to your APK but you have changed your test scripts for instance.

Bug fixes

Like always, we are providing some great bug fixes and improvements. In this release there are fixes in the following areas:

  • Renaming current recording method
  • Run in cloud deleting projects
  • Run in cloud (sometimes instatest was launched)

UpdatingYou can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).