Testdroid Recorder 2.7 is out!

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Hi all,

After two weeks since previous release we are proud to announce the newest version of the Recorder with one great new feature and one big improvement and of course, a few fixes. Below are more details:

Multipath drag handling

This new great feature allows you record complex drag and swipe gestures that are quite common in many modern applications. Now Recorder is not only able to capture gestures, but is also able to automatically recognize, if drag was simple (from one point to another) or if it was really a multipath drag. In other words – Recorder is no sensitive on small deviation by simple drag (customers don’t need to manually define if they prefer simple drags or more complex gestures). Testdroid Recorder also scales these multipath gestures automatically to different resolutions which is a great time saver for any test automation using advanced gestures. For instance automating the testing of OpenGL based Android games just got million times easier!

Bypassing APK rebuilding when recording from APK

When Testdroid Recorder is recording from APK it needs to process and rebuild the APK package in order to set the “debuggable” flag on for the recorder to be able to capture UI events. For some APK files this process did not work and it crashed during rebuilding phase. We were getting more and more reports of this happening and few weeks ago we made a workaround for this by introducing an option to skip the rebuilding APK step altogether. For this to work the user needed to manually set “debuggable” flag on in his manifest.

However, now for Testdroid Recorder 2.7 we completely overhauled the APK processing and rebuilding code and rebuilt and tested on a large set of APKs without any problems. So this process is now much more robust and also much quicker. We hope every Testdroid Recorder user who had problems with crashes during APK processing will be happy now.

Few smaller improvements

  • Added new sample application for First Recording Wizard – html application as a quick sample of WebView recording feature.
  • Added countries (locales) to languages by selecting language of application for “run in cloud”

Bug fixes

Like always, we are providing some bug fixes and improvements. In this release there are fixes in the following areas:

  • Blocking keyboard shortcuts during renaming methods(it was possible to delete recorded commands by clicking del during renaming)
  • Renaming projects in cloud now doesn’t break “run in cloud” configuration in eclipse
  • Removed NullPointerException after finish recording if there was Activity without package and dot at the beginning


You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update).