Testdroid Recorder 2.9 is out!

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Hi all,

Not long time ago we released Recorder but now it is time for the next version. Since quantity is always second to quality on Testdroid, not many new features have been added but the ones are really important, especially new way of taking screenshots. Please read carefully below about new features and improvements.

New way of taking screenshots
Till today we had been taking screenshots directly from application main view that’s why instead status bar (when it was visible in apps) we had black stripe, that’s why instead of seeing keyboard (popped up) we saw black rectangle and finally that’s why screenshots from application based on openGL was completely black. Now after many weeks of researches, struggling and implementing taking screenshots directly from graphics device (in detail: reading from frame buffer) we are proud to announce that it works on about 105 hundreds of our devices, so we decided that it’s ready to publicize it (and of course we will keep on working by this to obtain 100% devices using this method).

Using current method we are able to get really whole screen regardless there is a status bar, keyboard or there is openGL application.

It’s important that to use new way of screenshot permission for INTERNET is needed in application (android.permission.INTERNET) because of connecting application with our service on phones via sockets.

Cutting sleeps time on demand

Sleep command is produced for several reasons, e.g. to prevent unnatural speed of playback test or to wait for dynamic loading view if waitForView wasn’t produced (because element wasn’t recognized and click on x,y on screen was generated).  But quite often testers during recording need to think about something, needs to talk to someone else and on and on and then produced sleeps might have very long time unnecessarily. Of course, we can edit it manually but with long recording it might take too much time. Now we provide a new feature – button for adjust all sleeps times by one click. We need to click on “Adjust Sleeps” button, provide maximum time and click OK and all sleeps with time more than our provided maximum time will be cut.

Informing user about lack of important elements in application’s manifest

In response of repeated questions about few problems easy to fixed in application’s manifest we decided to analyse application’s manifest and inform user after recording about elements which are important for better test results.

Bug fixes

  • Eliminated extra large times for waitForActivity command
  • Manual addition/edition commands doesn’t unpause Recorder (if it was already in pasue mode)
  • Improved clicks on ‘a’ (html) elements by ExtSolo
  • Recording won’t start when no device is selected
  • Fixed problem with login to Recorder when by first attempts user typed wrong username
  • Fixed wrong generated code for clicks on pickers when recording from apk


You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update)

or use below button(if you have Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse IDE):