Testdroid Recorder 3.0 is out!

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After a few days since last release we have prepared a new version for our users. Not many changes in this short time, but two are really important. From now you can run Instatest in the cloud directly from Eclipse (from eclipse project as well as from APK file). We also fixed the strange problem which recently occurred quite often (and prevented user from recording from APK). For more details keep with us and read below:

Run Instatest from Eclipse
Everyone who uses our Testdroid Cloud knows, how wonderful feature is Instatest – running test for application without writing any single line of code. It means you don’t need to create test project for your application to run test for it. Now user can do it without going to Testdroid Cloud page and with a few clicks can run this from Eclipse using project on workbench or even providing APK. Do you know faster way to test application you are developing?

For people who don’t know Instatest feature in our service yet, here is definition from our Testdroid Cloud service:

InstaTest is an intelligent application crawler that exercises each application systematically by traversing each application through each of the views in the view hierarchy taking screenshots and recording performance data as the crawler progresses through each view.

Have fun and save time with using it:)

Bug/problem by recording from apk

Recently we had been getting quite often reports about problem by recording from apk – Recorder crashed by starting application. Looking into logs was evident that exception is thrown by ADT side. However for customers it looked like it was Recorder problem, so we needed to investigate what a problem is. Problem was hard to find cause didn’t occur on every machines and unfortunately didn’t occur on machines of Recorder team, but fortunately after long investigation core of problem was found. Sometimes NullPointerException is thrown after new test project without sources is created (we don’t know, why this happens on several machines) by Android Development Tools. And then seems that project is created right, but looking deeper inside ADT code sources – there is lack of project.properties file what doesn’t cause problem however, but also project is not cached in one of ADT plugin HashMap. Lack of this two things causes NullPointerException in other ADT method which we use to launch project. Thanks for this investigation we are able to detect such case and prevent it consequences. So now recording from apk should works in robust way for all.

Sending report with log file from preference page
Very often when we reslove customers problems we need to ask them of sending theirs log from eclipse. It was possible to do it directly from Recorder, but only when something went wrong during recording. Now it is possible every time from new preference page.

Bug fixes and others

  • fixed unavailable dropping items on test method directly
  • reduced log messages in logcat (produced by ExtSolo library)
  • more comprehensive info about lacks important elements in manifest (with sample codes)

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update) or use below button (if you have Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse IDE):