Testdroid Recorder 3.1 is out! Turn on/off Network connection from your tests

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Hi all,
as usual, it has been 2 weeks since the last release, and we are ready with a new one. There are several new useful features, like Turn off/on Network Connection from your tests and couple of bug fixes.

Run Android JUnit Test From APK

Sometimes Run As Android JUnit Test doesn’t work and we don’t know what to do. There could be a few reasons of that issue: the test project was prepared for APK file or target application is already installed with different key. To avoid those problems we prepared a new option Run Android JUnit Test From APK file. You can find it under Run Android JUnit Test in context menu. You can run single method, class or all project – what is run depends on what you have selected.

You only have to connect any device or emulator and provide your application in APK file.
Application is installed on device(s) and test is ready to run. More information and/or help about this feature you can find on help.testdroid.com
Turn On/Off Wireless Connection

There is a new, very useful command available for testing your app in Testdroid Cloud: Turn on/off wireless connection on devices during test execution.
Almost all proper and comprehensive test plans require to test the app behaviour with no working network connection. You can find Turn On/Off Wireless Connection from Other Commands -section in Append Command option. This method needs extra permission in Your application for changing state of Wi-Fi.

Bug fixes
  • wait for list when list is GridView
  • thread problem by taking screenshot without android screenshot library
  • unecssary generating key actions when typing to WebTextView in SDK 4.1
  • generating empty enterText if it’s cleaned in code before activity changing
  • updated info about lacks in manifest (Internet is no more needed and better detecting any density)

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update) or use below button (if you have Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse IDE):