Testdroid Recorder 3.4 is out

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Hi all,

we would like to present new release of Testdroid Recorder. There are couple of important fixes and especially Recorder performance has been improved, so if your application is very heavy, recording should be faster now.

Recorder Performance

We have added an option in preferences to improve Recorder Performance. This option disables Smart Asserts and changes the way of recording enter texts. This option can be found in Window -> Preferences -> Testdroid -> Recording -> Recorder Performance as on screen below.

If you choose this option, you will not be able to record enter texts from your device in standard way. Instead, there is an alternative way to do it. If you click on any enter text, Recorder will display extra dialogue.  You have to provide text inside and Recorder will fill clicked EditText and will add step to the recorded test.
We suggest to use this option only, if you have performance issues with normal recording.
Ability to set test run name for run in cloud:

Now, it is possible to set test run name for run in cloud. You can change it in run configurations. It’s also possible, if you run your project first time, then you can just set it in wizard page. This option was also added to Run App Crawler wizard as well. Field is optional, so you can leave it empty.

Fixed bugs:
  • Improper screenshots naming in recorded test
  • Preferences UI was sometimes blocked by connection to cloud
  • Run in cloud dialogue can be hidden, so it will not block eclipse any more
  • Recording enter texts with next button
  • Recording back button for FragmentActivity

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update) or use below button (if you have Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse IDE):