Testdroid Recorder 3.6 is out

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Hi all,
we are very proud to announce that new release of Testdroid Recorder is out. We are going to introduce couple of new features – especially new view, which we called Testdroid Cloud Results. We also extended Testdroid Tools – Resign APK With Default Debug Key of ability to inject extra permissions into resigned application. There are also small fixes included in the newest version.

Showing live results from Testdroid Cloud

This is very great, new feature. After run in cloud Recorder is listening results. They appears in new window – Testdroid Cloud Results. There is ability to filter results, clear all of them and lock scroll. Results are stored in file, so they will be available as long, as you don’t clear them.

To open this window, you have to go to Window -> Show View -> Other… -> Testdroid -> Testdroid Cloud Results

Testdroid Tools extended of permissions
Now there is ability to choose any permission you want from list. Option is available under Advanced options. Chosen permissions are included into manifest file of the resigned application.
Icon of application during run in cloud
We are extracting provided APK file or searching in sources icon of application. Now this icon will be visible in progress dialog during run in cloud.
Run App Crawler from shortcut
There is also ability to run App Crawler from shortcut as well as from wizard. This should be faster in many cases.
Fixed bugs:
  • UI issues
  • Adjust Sleeps – [ESC] was saving new value
  • Run In Testdroid Cloud shortcut in more places
Updating your Testdroid Recorder

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update) or use below button (if you have Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse IDE):