Testdroid Recorder 3.7 is out with incredible UX smoothness

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Hi all,

after a month we would like to present new version of Testdroid Recorder. In this release we have focused on a bunch of usability improvements. For instance we have streamlined our Run In Cloud feature, added an “Update Recorder” button that appears when a newer version of Testdroid Recorder is available and we have also added a “Report a problem” button on every wizard page. Naturally as with every Testdroid Recorder release we have also fixed a couple of bugs as well. For more details stay with us and read below:

A streamlined Run in Cloud feature
For this release we have made our Run in Cloud wizards much more intuitive. Radio buttons for All devices and Use cluster were removed, now all clusters are in a combo box (including public clusters – all devices, free devices, recommended devices). Also now you can change test run configuration every time when Run in Cloud wizards are shown, not only on first time. This way, you are able to check all options and just run, if everything is fine. If you are using Pay As You Go as your subscription model you will also see, how much each test run will cost before submitting those to Testdroid Cloud.
Update Recorder button
From next release onwards you will be able to update your Recorder with one click. When Recorder detects there is a new version of Testdroid Recorder available it will pop up a dialog with prompt to update your Recorder. You can do it clicking Update right away or do it later manually.
Report any problems in every wizard page with click of a button
In order to help us to make your Testdroid Recorder experience better you can now send us a report of anything that went wrong from every wizard page, not only from Recording Wizard Page and Preferences as it was before. Please take advantage of this and help us make Testdroid Recorder better for your specific needs!
Free devices in Testdroid Cloud:
To help you get a better idea of how awesomely useful the Run in Cloud feature is we have added a cluster of free devices in Testdroid Cloud so you can try this cool feature as much as you want.
Fixed bugs:
  • Testdroid Cloud Results – better status information
  • Detecting system wide proxy settings (Native)
  • Pressing enter on Preferences Authorization Page was closing Preferences
  • Take screenshot command appears after selected command, if any selected
  • Recorder was losing login credentials if it wasn’t closed properly
Other improvements:
  • Block Finish button before and during recording
  • New robotium solo 4.0 included
Updating your Testdroid Recorder

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update)