Testdroid Recorder 4.1 released – Improved WebView recording now available

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Hi All,

Since the last Testdroid Recorder release three weeks ago, we’re proud to introduce you the new version of Testdroid Recorder. In this version the main goal was to improve recording and playback experience according to WebView (what entail web page recording as well). Now it’s faster and more accurate. We also improved issues in reporting system and fixed a few bugs. So, the main items that were improved in Testdroid Recorder 4.1 are as follows:

Better recording and playback with WebView

For the version 4.0, we refactored completely the core of Recorder, but skipped the WebView and moved all of that work to version 4.1. Now we’re happy to say that it is much faster, accurate and able to catch many more elements. Improving the accuracy entailed also another important fact – now we are also able to record web pages which uses sencha touch. We also did some improvements on playback side and managed to improve the playback performance in order to provide a smoother experience to users. Also, there are more events sent through JavaScript so that test script can more easily simulate real clicks and text typing into HTML elements on page.

Improved reporting system

We did a lot of changes to our issues reporting system. Firstly, we made it more stable as sometimes some customers have had issues to send us their reports. Secondly, the logic of sending reports was enhanced with the instant reporting capability from every wizard – not only from Recording wizard – and for this, we added a field with custom message to describe the issue. This provides users more information about the issue as the Eclipse log file isn’t necessarily describe the issue in decent level (e.g. issue may not have anything to do with Exception occured in Eclipse but something else). And finally, we added a field with a custom email so the user doesn’t have to be logged in to our public cloud. And for users who have the private servers can send us those reports as well as users who are not logged in to Recorder.

Fixed issues / Enhancements

  • Automatic updates after clicking “Update” from the Info dialog
  • If more than one device is connected, the recording preparation is done only on single chosen device (not on all)
  • Wrong coordinations calculation when Activity go to landscape mode for x,y clicks
  • Enhanced and made sending reports stable
  • Weird UI behaving when switching between Testdroid and Report Problem page in Preferences
  • Recorder opens TestdroidRecorderCore automatically if it is closed

Updating your Testdroid Recorder

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update)