Testdroid Showcased in Unity Games Meetup Today

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Today, Vancouver Unity Games Meetup will be hosting a session where Testdroid and Electronics Arts are teaming up to bring some insights to advanced mobile game testing, with appropriate presentation of their quality engineering team members. The presentations will be focusing on how mobile games are getting tested, what are the best practices, technologies, and provide variety of tips and tricks for every game developer.

Today’s session, titled as ‘Driving Quality Through Test Automation of Mobile Apps and Games’, will focus on agile mobile app development and testing paradigm backed up with test automation and how to use it efficiently as part of the development. Our presenter – Jouko Kaasila – will talk about some of the most advanced features in test automation – image recognition – and showcase how to use of it in mobile game testing.

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Also, this meetup will include a presentation by Jason Hobson, Quality Engineering Director at Electronic Arts, who will share his best practices, examples and use case of Testdroid that the EA team is using to automate and streamline quality efforts for their mobile projects.

If you are in Vancouver, do not miss this great opportunity to learn and hear the latest and greatest stuff with mobile game testing! You can register in this event at here.