Testdroid Showcasing at Mobile Dev+Test and IoT Dev+Test

Mobile App Testing on Real Devices

Dear Testdroiders,

We’re showcasing our latest and greatest mobile innovations at Mobile Dev + Test and IoT Dev + Test Expo in 20-21 April 2016. If you are planning to attend this event in beautiful and sunny San Diego, please check out our exclusive discount code to get $200 off from your conference registration! Also, as we’re showing some serious advancements in mobile app testing the expo is the great opportunity for you to get a peak at what’s in store!



This spring we’ve lots of great new things, features and enhancements to showcase in Mobile Dev + Test event. Depending on your needs and what topic interests you the most, we’ll be demonstrating all our products within the Expo and you’ll get hands-on training on how to adopt and use these efficiently.

There are three major trends in mobile development and testing – and we’ll focus on these trends in our Expo showcases and demos:

Trend #1: Device Farms Are Getting HUGE

As you know, Testdroid Enterprise has been the most reliable product in the industry to build significant-size of internal mobile device farm. When it comes to on-premise device labs, the scalability is one of the most crucial factor. Many device labs we’ve seen built around test automation, continuous integration and internal DevOps practices have started from small setups – and suddenly, like appetite goes up, your testing needs expand and you want to support all possible devices. That’s absolutely the correct way and for that need we’ve originally designed and built our Testdroid Enterprise.


During the Expo, we’ll showcase our device rack example with some Android and iOS devices and you’ll get the tangible feeling of how these device farms can be built – and more importantly – how you can scale them up based on your needs.

Trend #2: Testing Time Should Be Shortened and Made More Efficient

There is no better way to improve your productivity than relying on the right set of tools, frameworks, and devices. In short, there are three essential and very useful ways to improve your productivity and make thinks more efficient. The rule of thumb in getting the best outcome for your mobile app testing is as follows:

  • Use of Test Automation. Automating repetitive and quite often manual tasks can significantly boost your productivity. When test automation is adopted, it will not only have impact on how quickly and well you can cover myriad of test scenarios for your application, but more importantly it will improve the entire process and makes your application super robust. Lots of issues – from tiny and showstoppers – can be easily exposed with sophisticated test automation, use of real mobile devices, and building the app development process around these best practices and DevOps goals.
  • Leave the device hosting to experts. Running, maintaining, upgrading and manually fixing jammed devices shouldn’t be your core competence. You should have the freedom just to select devices and your teams are ready to start mobile app development and testing on those. In addition, you should have unlimited everything, meaning no time limitations on how much of these devices are used, how many users or apps or different projects you use them on.
  • Real-time production monitoring. To ensure your business metrics and goals are exceeded you need sophisticated monitoring capabilities to follow how your mobile apps perform. This helps you to understand how your end-users see and experience your mobile application, how to fix and improve the delivered user experience and how to make your mobile application performing the top.


For these needs, we designed and created our Testdroid PrivateCloud, the product to enable you to focus on your core competences and leave all time-consuming device management tasks for our experts. We’ll be showing some of the most stunning features built for private device farms in the Expo, so do remember to check it out!

Trend #3: Thousands of New Devices – How Do You Keep Up?

The ‘F’ word used across mobile industry isn’t showing to get any better. Not only those unique OEM branded devices but more and more of new OS variants available on each of these devices means that mobile apps should be tested against yet more number of devices. Our Testdroid Cloud provides the most versatile set of different devices, with different operating system versions, different hardware configurations, across the globe. Whether you are targeting in China, US or some other location, there are set of these devices available for you 24/7.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.22.30

We’ve done lots of changes in our Testdroid Cloud user interface, device groups, test run capabilities, and supported new test automation frameworks within our public cloud. Come to discuss with our staff in Expo to learn some best practices, tips and tricks of how to use these frameworks efficiently – and how to get the best outcome out of your testing effort!

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See you in sunny San Diego!