Testdroid Sponsors The Mobile Dev + Test Conference in San Diego 12-17 April 2015

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The Mobile Dev + Test Conference 2015 addresses mobile development for iOS and Android as well as mobile testing, performance, design, user experience, smart technology, and security. Hear and learn from our experts where the future of smart and mobile software is headed. And the most importantly, check out the hands-on setup by Testdroid team – we’re building a full-blown development and testing environment for this event with real Android and iOS devices.


Testdroid will be highly visible at this event and we’re showcasing how developers can build the REAL development and testing environment with real devices. For the event, we will build an example environment of typical in-house setup for mobile app, game and web developers, so do check this out if you are attending. Also, if you are interested to learn more about cloud deployment options, our booth staff will be happy to guide you with the most suitable option for you.

More about the Mobile Dev + Test Conference 2015 please visit the event site below:

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Meanwhile, download our free ebook to learn about how to build an in-house development and test labs, dedicated blog series that breaks down all those details, and also the blog that focuses on the costs of building these setups.

If you are attending to Mobile Dev + Test Conference in San Diego next week, please contact sales@bitbar.com to schedule a meeting with us.

See you in sunny San Diego!