Testing iOS 11 devices with the latest Appium & XCUITest at Bitbar Cloud

iOS 11 devices and Xcode 9 support for mobile app testing

We are excited to bring you the news that iOS 11 devices are available for iOS test automation on Bitbar Cloud. It’s time to incorporate more iPhones and iPads in your device list for iOS app testing that enlarges your test coverage and improves your confidence before shipping your iOS applications to end users. Sign up now and check if your apps work on iOS 11 devices.

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iOS 11 Devices at Bitbar Cloud

Coming together with iOS 11 devices in Bitbar Cloud, we’ve also made advances in open source frameworks and environments.

  • We’ve upgraded our iOS testing environment to support automated tests using Xcode 9 against iOS 11 devices.
  • XCUITest and XCTest are now supported on iOS 11 devices
  • The Appium testing environment is now also upgraded to the latest version 1.7.0 to support testing against iOS 11 devices.
  • We’ll bring Calabash testing support to iOS 11 devices soon.

Update your iOS testing device list

Released on September 19th, Apple’s iOS 11 has been installed on nearly 40% of all Apple devices tracked by Mixpanel update to date. It is clear that the current share of iOS installations creates a great complexity of iOS app testing, especially when we take into account various iOS device models/HW configurations.

Mixpanel - iOS 11 adoption trend

As iOS 11 drops the support for devices with a 32-bit processor, you should ensure that your apps work perfectly with iOS 11 on any devices that are newer than iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, while keeping the consistency of testing the same device model running iOS 10 and older.

Now even though iPhone 5 doesn’t have support for iOS 11, it’s still vital to keep it in your target device list. According to The Most Popular Global Mobile Devices sheet, iPhone 5 enjoys a fair good amount of market share in major countries, i.e. 6.37% of the total traffic in the US, 7.54% in Canada and 6.78% in the UK.

If you are looking for a one-stop mobile device cloud for iOS & Android app testing, Bitbar Cloud is the platform to help you alleviate the pain of device acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance and provides the support of all open source frameworks, enabling you to scale your local tests in the cloud quickly and easily. Get started for free today!

Happy iOS 11 Testing!

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