AI Testbot

Codeless mobile test automation made easy

A smarter solution that transforms the way of exploratory testing, device compatibility testing and performance testing with more AI-driven testing and less code.

Less code. Fewer resources. More testing.

Bitbar’s AI Testbot, engineered with machine learning technology, is a smart and powerful solution for teams looking to perform more automated exploratory testing and maximize device coverage with less time and human resources.

Explore apps on real devices at scale

AI Testbot addresses the hassle and slowness of manually evaluating apps against each target mobile device by automating the process exploring apps across a large number of real devices.

Uncover defects without any engineering time

The traditional exploratory testing requires a human tester to observe, operate and evaluate mobile apps. AI Testbot removes the need of designing test scenarios or writing test code and smartly explores app UI and reports critical errors in user flows.

Built by us, improved by you

AI Testbot brings the value of low maintenance to the table. It understands your app UI structure and figures out the best way to execute tests through continuous learning and improving, even when user flows change or new features are introduced.

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