Testdroid Recorder 1.1.12 – Time line recording.

And here it is! Testdroid Recorder 1.1.12 arrived. In this release we add great new timeline recording feature. Robotium and monkeyrunner tends to playback tests as fast as they can. However, if your application needs to do something time consuming after the action, it may not keep the pace of a test. For example, when your application fetches data from a server, the delay caused by network latency and server reaction might cause test to fail.

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Testdroid Recorder 1.1.11 is out!

The new version of Testdroid Recorder with magical number 1.1.11 is now available for download.

Testdroid Recorder has truly cemented its place in Android testing tools market and we can safely say that Testdroid is the most comprehensive Android testing solution around. However, we at Bitbar don’t stop here as our goal is to even accelerate our rate of innovation and improve the end to end solution even further.

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Bitbar demoing Testdroid Cloud at HTC developer event Nov 11th @HTC Mountain View,CA

Bitbar will be demoing Testdroid automated Android testing solution at HTC developer event in HTC Mountain View office, 800 West El Camino Real #200, Mountain View, CA on Friday November 11th starting at 9 am.
Everyone attending will be given a free 3 month license to Testdroid Recorder and free access to Testdroid Cloud until the end of 2011. Bitbar Android testing experts will be giving guidance on how to automate your Android application testing in matter of minutes and how to automatically test your applications on numerous Android devices in Testdroid Cloud. We are looking forward to meet you all!

Meet us at AnDevCon II in San Francisco on 6th – 9th November

AnDevCon II, the largest independent conference for Android Developers, will start on Sunday 6th of November in San Francisco. There are over 1000 registrants from 38 countries, over 40 exhibitors and amazing line of speakers in the event building the Android ecosystem.

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Testdroid Recorder 1.1.7 with full Honeycomb support


Testdroid Recorder 1.1.7 is now available for download. This version adds new features and bug fixes. Support for Robotium 2.5 including support for Android 3.2 related features.

Bug fixes
Bug fixes for MotionEvent in Android 3.1 and list index fix.

Robotium 2.5 support
Testdroid Recorder now comes with version 2.5 of Robotium which provides full support for Honeycomb.

Upgrading from earlier versions
If you are adding a new test using the latest version(v1.1.7) into the test project generated using the earlier version of the recorded you need to remove reference to robotium 2.3 manually.

In Eclipse open the test project and remove “robotium-solo-2.3.jar” from libs folder. Move top of the library and press delete or select “Delete” under the right-click menu. You also need to remove robotium-solo-2.3.jar library from project properties. Right click to open test project properties and select “Build Path” -> “Configure Build Path” and there select “Libraries” tab and remove “robotium-solo-2.3.jar”.

When you record new test cases Testdroid adds new robotium-solo-2.5.jar library automatically into the project and you can execute tests as before.

Check out the tutorial section how to get started at https://bitbar.com/tutorial

Only one week to Droidcon UK

It’s only one week to Droicon UK, the largest Android developer conference in Europe, and we are getting more and more excited! The sponsor and speaker lineup is looking more impressive every day. First of all, severall major Android manufacturers have a presence at Droidcon UK: HTC Dev people will be promoting HTC’s developer community as well as Sony Ericsson, who will give presentations and have their developer relations people there to reach out and participate. The most interesting device manufacturer on a conference focusing on Android is definitely Blackberry as RIM is not the most obvious sponsor for an Android conference! Maybe they have something interesting to announce 😉

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Bitbar exhibiting at Droidcon UK October 6-7th

Bitbar will be exhibiting their Testdroid solution at Droidcon UK, Europe’s largest conference that exclusively covers Android development and applications. This year, over 500 Android enthusiasts will rub shoulders with many of the world’s foremost Android experts to dig into every aspect of Android and its ever-growing ecosystem. The themes this time around are Android for Developers, in the Enterprise, Gaming, and Design.

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Testdroid Recorder 1.0.0.beta is out!

Now supporting recording without source code and generating monkeyrunner tests
One of the new features is recording monkeyrunner test scripts by using the application under test. monkeyrunner is a tool providing an API for writing programs that control an Android device or emulator from outside of Android code. monkeyrunner is primarily designed to test applications and devices at the functional/framework level and for running unit test suites. Testdroid Recorder generates monkeyrunner python code, which works on higher abstraction level of Android OS than for example Robotium framework and uses mainly x,y -coordinates to interact with the device screen. This has limitations in multi-device testing with various screen resolutions, but may be absolutely adequate for certain tests. Robotium works with objects in the application under tests rather than x,y -coordinates making it more compatible for automated testing of an application on devices with totally different specifications as well as with different languages (the testing of localised applications).
Secondly, recording either Robotium tests or monkeyrunner tests without source codes is now possible. You no longer need the source code for recording tests, just having the .apk is enough. This has been seen as necessary feature by QA personnel we have worked with, who are interested in true black-box testing of Android applications.
We have also revamped the UI, now it’s easy to correct mistakes made during recording and record multiple test methods on one go. We also added a “take screenshot” command to check the appearance of the application on the devices conveniently during the test execution. Other UI improvements are setting the recognition preference, for example if you want Recorder to use index instead of resource ID in Robotium testing (for example you can use index instead of resource ID in views where all widgets share the same resource ID).

For more information about these new features please take a look at our new tutorials section at https://bitbar.com/testing/.

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