Continuous Integration in Agile

Achieve continuous integration and fast iteration with mobile app test automation on thousands of real devices.

Get The Following Benefits:

- Achieve agile testing and continuous integration
- Save costs and time in app development
- Shorten apps’ time-to-market
- Increase app ratings and downloads
- Improve return-on-investment

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what is testdroid technology?


Real Mobile Devices

No need to invest in any devices, but simply upload your app and run tests on multiple real devices instantly.

Testdroid device lab

Scalability and Parallelism

Run simultaneously on any number of devices, scale the usage and test runs as you need those devices.

App Crawler

Test Automation

All standard frameworks are supported: Appium, Calabash, Espresso, XCTest to name a few. You can also integrate your Jenkins, JIRA, etc.

Testing in scale

Powerful Test Reporting

Bitbar Testing products provide detailed and insightful testing reports with logs and screenshots to locate the impurities in your apps.

Leading Brands and Companies That Trust Us

“Testdroid Cloud enables our development team to avoid relying purely on manual testing, which is next to impossible without a large team. In the long run, automated tests allow us to release a more stable and reliable product for our customers, resulting in fewer bug fix updates and an overall better impression about our company.”

Tom Whipple, Android Lead Developer at PayPal

“With Testdroid, adoption of new tools and library and rewriting tests are not issues. Testdroid runs and generates normal Android instrumentation tests which means that there are no adoption and no leave costs. We didn’t want any long term commitment, and knowing that we didn’t have to commit to one solution gives us a good feeling.”

Michele Sama, Test Architect at SwiftKey