Dedicated Devices

Dedicated Devices is a compelling feature in Bitbar’s Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise that allows its users to dedicate (reserve) devices for their own use only. Admins can quickly configure and set of dedicated devices for a user or group of users that fully control the device(s) and no other has visibility of these. Dedicated Devices boost the productivity and makes corporations more efficient with their use of resources, time and hardware.

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Fully Configurable by Admins
Dedicated Devices are available on Public and Private Cloud, and On-Premise solution. An admin can assign a device for a user or group of users which makes the device(s) dedicated for that group. Changing the ownership is easy and quick from the admin panel.

Top Security for App Testing
As Dedicated Devices are a set of devices for only its users, those devices are not visible to anyone else. No hardware details need to be configured and users get manual, automation and API access to Dedicated Devices. This provides the top security level for mobile application, game and web testing using Dedicated Devices.

Fastest Level of Test Automation
Manual testing session on remote device typically reserves a device and test automation scripts will end up queuing for their device time. With Dedicated Devices users can access certain devices instantly, without need to wait a second. Devices can be quickly separated for different user groups: manual testers and test automation users.

Faster Deployment and Device Management
Dedicated Devices remove the need of acquiring hardware around those when test automation is used. Dedicated Devices are quick to set up and reserve for your organization. Dedicated Devices can be allocated per user, per team or per organization just with few clicks and fully managed by its admin users.

Centralized Device Management with DevOps
Dedicated Devices can be resided on certain location and allocated for users as they need to have access on those devices. This complements the mobile devops practices and makes accessing devices instant, flexible to configure and fully tailor for your organization's needs.

Clean Separation of Test Automation Usage
Some teams and users prefer to use certain test automation framework. With Dedicated Devices admins can quickly reserve certain devices for those groups, with specific features, software and hardware available for those test runs. Espresso, Appium, Calabash, XCUITest or something else? Just dedicate any devices for users of these frameworks.

Fastest Deployment for Cloud-Based Devices

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Enterprise-Grade Security

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Global Distribution of Devices

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