Espresso for Android App Testing

The Espresso framework is an Android test automation framework provided by Google’s Android Testing Support Library. It provides very abstract and easy to use API for writing functional UI tests that simulate user interactions on an app. Espresso is supported starting from API level 10 (Android 2.3.3, also known as Gingerbread).

To get started with Android Espresso use the following resources, how-tos and best practice material to get the best out of your Espresso testing:

Start Espresso testing

Espresso Test Automation Framework for Android App Testing

  • Open Source and Easy-to-Use
  • Fast & Reliable with Concise API
  • Fully Synchronized with UI
  • Based on Java and JUnit

How to Get Started with Android Espresso

  • Get Started with Espresso
  • Use Espresso Efficiently on Devices
  • Get Reliable Data and Results from Tests

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