iOS Test Automation with XCUITest / XCTest

Run automated iOS tests written in XCUITest or XCTest on real iPhones & iPads at Bitbar Device Cloud. 

  • Full support for XCUItest and XCTest frameworks
  • Maximize test coverage on different iOS variations
  • Save time with unlimited device concurrency
  • Instant access to various iPhones and iPads 24/7

Automate your iOS tests now

Who are testing their applications at Bitbar Testing

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Why the best teams choose us

Scalable device testing

Automate app tests across any number of real iOS devices simultaneously to increase device coverage and test efficiency.

Framework Agnostic

Support for all Android & iOS open frameworks and tests written in your language of choice - Swift, Java, C#, Ruby, Python or any other.

Integrated DevOps Tools

Optimize DevOps toolchains with out-of-the-box integrations or use powerful REST API to integrate with TeamCity, Travis, or any CI/CD tools.

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Take your Docker images and VMs to our infrastructure and help Dev teams use the latest tools needed to deliver mobile software.

What to take from our customers

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With Bitbar Testing, we have implemented an optimal DevOps process. The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time. This gives us the confidence to move our SDK through all phases of the pipeline and deliver quality SDKs to game developers rapidly.

Rasmus Selsmark, QA Lead at Unity Ads

Bitbar Testing enables our development team to avoid relying purely on manual testing, which is next to impossible without a large team. In the long run, automating tests with Bitbar Testing allows us to release a more stable and reliable product for our customers, resulting in fewer bug fix updates and on overall better impression about our company.

Tom Whipple, Mobile Engineer and Lead Android Developer at PayPal

3 steps away to automate iOS tests

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1. Create an account

Sign up for a free account and log into Bitbar Cloud after activation

Choose device

2. Automate your XCUITest/XCTest tests

Upload your app and test files and automate the tests across on any number of selected iOS devices


3. Check test results

Analyze test results with logcats, screenshots and video recording to trace any failures and validate app quality

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