Mobile Web Testing on Real Browers and Devices

Test mobile webpages on Safari and Chrome on real Android and iOS devices.
Test automation with Selenium/Appium or manual testing.

  • Real browsers and all Safari and Chrome versions available
  • Support automated tests using Selenium Webdriver
  • Control our devices to manually browse webpages on any devices
  • Compatible with various CI tools and Dev environments

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Who are using Bitbar Testing for improving the mobile quality

Why to trust Bitbar Testing

Boost test efficiency

Use Webdriver to automate repetitive Selenium/Appium tests for mobile web testing. Bitbar Testing lets you free up dev and QA team to work on new features.

Improve user experience

Remotely control our real Android or iOS devices to experience how end users interact with your website under Safari or Chrome.

Save money buying devices

No emulators or massive device acquisition. Rely on Bitbar Testing device lab to access all kinds of OS versions and all versions of Safari and Chrome.

Form Internal DevOps Process

Integrate with any open source CI tools to form an agile dev-test-ops cycle for faster releases without compromising the webpage quality.

3 steps away to test mobile websites

1. Create an account

Sign up for a free account and log into Testdroid Cloud after activation.

2. Choose test automation or manual testing

Either upload Selenium/Appium test scripts or remotely control our devices for manual check.

3. Execute test and check results

In a few minutes, you'll be able to review the test report with detailed logs, screenshots and more.

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