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Ideal for one user or two to use e.g. around 15 device minute per working day


All core features

300 device minutes per month

$0.29 per extra minute

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Credit Card billing

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Perfect for small-to-mid teams that are working on 1 or 2 apps with more test automation


All core features

2,600 device minutes per month

$0.29 per extra minute

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Credit Card or Invoice billing

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Best for businesses that focus on CI/CD and check code changes on multiple devices


All core features

Custom amount of device minutes

Annual bulk-hour plan

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Core features included in every plan


Dedicated Devices

Unlimited access and device time

Fully configurable and customizable

Best for CI testing, security and dedication

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Professional Services

Test automation kickstart

Bitbar Cloud platform onboarding

Training, consulting, Proof of Concept and more

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Using a corporate account of cloud services?

Subscribe to Bitbar Testing also through the leading cloud service providers, directly from their marketplace.

A pay-as-you-go pricing model to access our services through AWS Marketplace

$0.16 per minute

Frequently asked questions

How is device time calculated?

Device time is counted when your app is installed and finished when it is uninstalled, in one-minute increments. You are not charged for cleaning, rebooting and preparing of devices for a session. For example, you can run a 10-minute test on 10 devices or 5-minute test on 20 devices. In either way, 100 minutes will be deducted from your Bitbar Cloud monthly plan.

Does my plan automatically renew?

All monthly plans purchased with a credit card will auto-renew every billing month. You can find a corresponding receipt under account holder’s profile page. All custom plans are by default invoiced annually in advance net 30 days or per the agreement.

What if I used more than the device time in my base?

We will never automatically cut off your plan or ongoing test runs even when you use more than the allowed plan minutes in a month. Overage minutes are billed at $0.29 per extra minute. To avoid these charges, we’d suggest you monitor your usage and upgrade to a higher plan whenever needed.

Can I upgrade or downgrad plans anytime?

Yes, you may change your subscription level at any time. However, please note that the new plan goes into effect and will replace the old plan immediately. On your next billing date, you will be charged according to your valid plan.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. At the moment you cancel your subscription, however, your unused device time, if any, will be removed at the same time. Be sure to zero out your device time before you terminate your plan.

Will my unused device minutes roll over to next billing month?

Unused minutes do not roll over to the next billing month. We’d highly recommend making the most out of your plan and device time before the next billing month begins.

Bitbar Enterprise

Empower your mobile DevOps teams for true CI/CD with enterprise-grade security. Deployed as Private Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud.

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Security & Governance

VPN protocols and SSH tunneling

Single Sign-On

Dedication and reservation of devices

Device management


Docker/VMs images or custom testing frameworks

Hybrid cloud deployment

VPC environment

Support for all popular cloud services – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud and IBM Cloud

OpenStack support for On-Premise

AR or IoT testing environment


Dedicated mobile devices and testing infrastrucutre

Integrations for Jenkins, Slack, JIRA or any other DevOps tools

Any Android and iOS devices with any OS versions

Unlimited users and device minutes

Unlimited device concurrent sessions


Dedicated Customer Success Manager

99% SLA

24/5 support