Professional Services

Turning the chaos of fast-paced app development, testing and deployment into clear, cohesive and agile Dev&Test process, leading to loyal and engaging customers.

Test Automation Kickstart & Training

Need help with script development? Our dedicated Test automation engineers will not only hand over robust test scripts, but also give advice on how to quickly adopt test automation in team. With Professional Services, your development team will get enough knowledge about test automation and scripting to take over afterwards. We can design custom training plans on-site or remotely, to train your team on best practices and methods. Don't have a team? Click on "Learn More" to see more information on other services we can provide for you.

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Knowledgeable in Today's Tools and Frameworks

Trying to decide what frameworks or tools are available that will fit your processes and team? Engage with us to know the Pros & Cons of all the many tools available for DevOps and Testing. We focus utilizing only open-source technologies that enable you to use what we suggest on any platform. We bring experience from working with clients in a wide range of industries and sizes from start-ups to Fortune 40 companies!

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Agile Mobile/DevOps Experts at your side

Knowing that every app, game or mobile website is different, with different goals and target segments, we make sure that your efforts in marketing and development are not wasted. Our Professional Services team are experts in the industry with over 10 years of experience , meaning they can confidently act as an advisor, offering strategic direction and troubleshooting whenever you need it. Our team understands your challenges and your technologies.

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Leading Provider in Dev & Test

A successful mobile-first strategy relies on high quality apps and services. To help you execute mobile strategy decisions on insight rather than assumptions, we can provide management level Performance Reports and help you develop truly agile dev&test processes. If your success has reached a point where mobile is becoming, or already is, the number one channel for you, Testdroid Professional services can help you concentrate on your core business and shorten time to money.

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