In-house software solution for managing all aspects of automated testing on multiple real Android and iOS devices simultaneously.

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Internal Testing Infrastructure

With On-Premise solution you can create a private device cloud for automated iOS and Android testing. It is the best solution for continuous integration and for testing every change in your applications, in your device development and in your back-end services.

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Appium Calaba.sh & Robotium

Parallel Tests on Multiple Devices and Support for Different Frameworks

Run any Android JUnit tests, Espresso, uiautomator, Robotium or even CTS tests, iOS UI Automation tests, and any cross-platform frameworks, such as Calabash and Appium, with your devices! You can even split large test sets to be run on many devices simultaneously, shortening testing turnaround time

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Worldwide distribution

Powerful Administrative Tools in Use

With Bitbar On-Premise you can give access to your private device cloud to all your R&D teams, no matter where they are located. The highly scalable architecture can manage hundreds of builds, and new device clusters can be added in minutes, globally.

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Plug and Play

Bitbar On-Premise works with Jenkins. You can use it to quickly setup your private test environment, with your own devices, for example pre-market devices. Just plug in the iOS and Android phones you want to use for testing, configure a few settings and your automated test cluster is ready to go! No need to jailbreak or root the devices, no need for special equipment, just standard mobile application development tool chain.

Plug & Play
Plug and play, with jenkins

On-premise supports LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. On-premise also provides Load Balancing feature to ensure various same device models can be treated as one entity.

Testing automatically applications, system applications or OS builds against various HW configurations after every change will shorten your development time. Developers will get immediate feedback on the new features and fixes without need to wait for manual test cycle to finish. You can deliver on time and on budget with higher quality products.

On-Premise allows you to meet even the strictest security rules of your organisation. Your testing infrastructure will not go out of your network and you can test new versions against staging or beta environments.

Creating test assets in standard languages, supported by the platform vendors, like Google and Apple, means you are not tied to any proprietary solutions. No learning curve for new scripting, just standard Java for Android and JavaScript for iOS, known by millions of developers around the world. Also current web developers can hit the ground running with standard Testdroid solution.

Take your own iOS and Android devices and use our software to combine them into fully functional, shared test environment.

Our team can provide On-premise clients with numerous additional services, helping them on every stage of the testing process: Configuration, Setting up, Training, Integration with Test Management tools, integration with your own App Store

Supported Frameworks

Supported FrameworkAndroidiOS
Robot Frameworkcheckcheck
UI automatorcheck-
Instrumentation check-