Private Cloud

Dedicated cloud-based Devices and Infrastructure-as-a-Service for any company to use pre-selected real Android and iOS devices hosted by Bitbar in Europe and the US.

Unlimited access

Unlimited Everything – Time, Access, Users

You simply select devices and your organization is ready to start the mobile app development and testing on those devices. Your teams have unlimited access, unlimited time, and unlimited number of users to access any of devices dedicated for your use. Testdroid PrivateCloud provides an excellent platform for distributed teams as devices are constantly monitored, maintained and available for you 24 hours per day.

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Access 24/7

Device Access & Governance 24/7

Automated device management and governance ensures the 24/7 access to any of your devices at Testdroid PrivateCloud. All devices are hosted & maintained by Testdroid team, with strict guidelines & policies, approved by its customers. Perfect solution for globally distributed teams

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Connection secured with VPN & SSL

Enterprise-Grade Security, with Enterprise-Level Access

Access to service is VPN and SSL secured, all data, applications, results are encrypted, all login details are saved & allowed only under authorized access and specified networks. All devices hosted under Testdroid PrivateCloud are located in our secure lab with restricted access.

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Instant Extensibility & Easy Accessibility

Adding a new device to your private device farm is fully automated, only few clicks away, done based on your preferences. Easy access to your devices from your local environments – e.g. browser – is secure and without any software installations needed.

How to Expand Your Mobile Device Testing

3 Levels in Remote Access – Automation, Manual and Debug

While executing your application on devices, either manual or automated testing methodologies are fully available for you. In manual session, users can get tangible benefits from intangible need of managing device. With test automation, user can enjoy renown benefits of Testdroid’s ability to run tests on hundreds of real devices, simultaneously. Your debugging tools/environments can be bridged into these devices as well.

How to Scale from Manual to Automation

Easy Integration & Open API

Testdroid PrivateCloud is built on top of widely accepted open standards, using various industry’s leading products to bridge pieces to each others. The API allows your organization to integrate it with continuous integration, build systems, internal scripts/build systems, and even development & debugging tools.

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Now you can test your app on hundreds of devices in minutes. Developers get instant feedback on the changes without a need for long test turnaround times. That will dramatically shorten your time-to-market and lower the cost of development without any manual testing work.
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Test anywhere

Testdroid Cloud is accessible online, so you are able to test your Android and iOS applications whenever you want. No need to reserve devices or prepare for the test runs. For Enterprise customers we also have REST API further reducing the manual work needed for testing on real devices.
Integrate with API


Manage differences between Android and iOS devices. Continuous functional testing will help you sustain the high quality of your applications and keep up with the competition by concentrating on creating new features instead of tackling with support requests and poor reviews.
How to Make Your App Popular

new devices

Regular functional testing on newly introduced devices will help you sustain the high quality of your application. Everytime there is a new device, just hit a button and your app is tested on it. Users can create own device clusters, for example test app on set of devices based on the API level (Android), OS version (Android and iOS), CPU, memory or screen size.
What Devices to Use for Testing


No need to queue. Just upload your APK or IPA and instrumentation test files and they will be run automatically on Testdroid Device clusters.
How to Get Started with Private Cloud

Supported Frameworks

Supported FrameworkAndroidiOS
Robot Frameworkcheckcheck
UI automatorcheck-
Instrumentation check-