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Test Android apps and games on 1000s of real devices with test automation or manual testing. No vendor lock-in.

Android Device Farm

  • Save time and money acquiring new devices
  • No need of learning proprietary frameworks
  • Achieve continuous integration and agile process
  • Release new versions faster with confidence

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Why Bitbar Testing

Test automation

Boost test efficiency

Automate repetitive Android tests. Bitbar Testing lets you free up dev and QA team to work on new features and more detailed test cases.

Connected devices

Improve user experience

Remotely control our real Android devices to experience how end users interact with your apps and check if any known glitches.

Save money buying devices

No more emulators or massive device acquisition. Rely on Bitbar Testing device lab to access 1000s of real Android devices.

Agile loop

Form Internal DevOps Process

Full continuous integration. Bitbar Testing enables you to achieve an agile dev-test-ops cycle for faster releases with high quality apps.

What our customers say about testing Android apps with us

“Bitbar allows startups with a limited budget, like ourself, to quickly assess the functional compatibility and performance characteristics of their Android product(s) across a multitude of Android devices without the need to spend tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars on hardware acquisition, device management, and human labor.”

Tung-Huy La from Flipboard

"Bitbar Testing gives us an opportunity to make very effective testing throughout the big variety of Android devices. It saves us money, resources and time and we can be sure that our software runs in all available devices.”

Jukka Parkkinen from OP Bank

3 steps away to test your Android apps

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1. Create an account

Sign up for a free account and log into Testdroid Cloud after activation

Choose device

2. Execute your Android tests

Upload your Android app and test scripts and select multiple devices to start tests.


3. Check test results

In a few minutes, you'll be able to review the test report with detailed logs, screenshots on Android devices and more.

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