The First Mobile DevOps Meetup in London

mobile devops meetup in london
(Last Updated On: 8 Dec 2016)

We’re happy to announce that Bitbar will be sponsoring the first mobile devops meetup in London on the 26th of October 2016. The actual place will be announced later this week as well as the speakers. The event will be an awesome opportunity to catch up and meet with local mobile devops enthusiasts and network with this group of people.

We’ll start around 6:30pm with some snacks and drinks – and of course, networking.

So, who should attend this event? Naturally, if you are interested in mobile app development, devops tools and methods used in agile app development, testing, monitoring or any other aspect of development flow, this event is definitely for you.


London Mobile DevOps Meetup

Time: the 26th of October 2016, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Place: to be announced

Welcome to the first mobile devops meetup in London! The presentations for the event goes as follows:

Talk 1: What is Mobile DevOps and How Is It Different?

Speaker to be announced

This session provides an introduction to Mobile DevOps approach and practices, and compares this modern way of doing things with Agile methods and DevOps practices.

Talk 2: Deconstructing Mobile DevOps Adoption and Practices

Speaker to be announced

This session provides a presentation of different practices while exercising Mobile DevOps. What Mobile DevOps mean for code/build, testing, deployment and monitoring, plus how to use modern agile tools as part of the process.


6:30pm – Welcome words and networking among the group
7:00pm – Group announcement
7:05pm – Talk #1 – What is Mobile DevOps and How Is It Different?
7:40pm – Talk #2 – Deconstructing Mobile DevOps Adoption and Practices
8:15pm – Pizza, Beer and more networking!


This event is sponsored by Bitbar Technologies.

If you are interested to join this meetup, sign up at In addition, if you are interested to speak in the future events, please get in touch with me at ville-veikko dot helppi at bitbar dot com.

invite attendees to mobile devops meetup

See you in London!

Manifesto: Everything about Mobile DevOps

(Last Updated On: 7 Dec 2016)

Learn how to properly adopt DevOps approach for your mobile team and get the most out of it.


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