The Investments for Mobile App Development and Testing

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We’ve been asked to share our insight and knowledge how to measure (and improve) the efficiency, productivity and basically how to break down the different types of costs and benefits related to mobile app development and testing.

We’ve been talking quite a lot about technical aspects of mobile development and testing here at Bitbar blog, but within the next few blogs, we will take a look at economic aspects of the mobile app testing.  A very important topic for many mobile app developers is to decide what is the most efficient and the most productive way to go forward. We’ll share some of our thoughts in these blogs.

Make sure your test automation is not gambling!

In the following two weeks, we’ll be covering the most important economic aspects in mobile development and testing here. The following different blogs will provide you with some things to consider for your next year’s activities:

Wednesday, Dec 17 – The Costs of In-House vs. Cloud-based Development Environments

Tuesday, Dec 23 – The Comparison of Characteristics and Benefits: In-House vs. Cloud Environments

Wednesday, Dec 31 – The Efficiency and Costs: The License Fee vs. The Total Cost of Ownership

As always, your feedback is very important and we’re looking forward to hearing from you! All comments about our blogs, ideas for things to cover in future blogs etc.


Improve the ROI with the Help of Mobile Test Automation

Learn major cost drivers in mobile testing and how to leverage test automation to improve the ROI.


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