The Red-headed Stepchild

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Oh what a difference a year makes.

As you all know, we are at Google I/O this week in San Francisco, which kicked-off on Wednesday with a lengthy keynote of different speakers and presentations outlining Google features to come.  (You can read TechCrunch’s play-by-play here or BusinessWeek’s abbreviated version here).  One presenter in particular, Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome & Apps, delivered part of the keynote that really resonated with us as it was, in sorts, a walk down memory lane.

We all know that the mobile market is rapidly evolving, but Sundar illustrated it with numbers.  Ones which were staggering.  Ones with a lot of zeros behind the commas.  During the past five years, over 900 million phones that run Android OS were activated.  Google Play has had 48 billion app installations to date.  As Sundar said, from 2005 to 2013, the world has indeed changed.

And that brings us to our world.  The Bitbar world.  The world of the red-headed stepchild—different, outcast, ignored, who is now … not so alone.

Last year there were hardly any competitors in the testing space and we were the only ones of our kind at Google I/O 2012.  Testing was something that was dismissed as a second thought.  Not prioritized.  Not very relevant.   Echoing the changes about which Sundar spoke, the opinion about testing has also evolved, and the Android activation numbers back that up.  Testdroid may have been first-to-market but now new market entrants are flooding in, ones that have recognized the importance of testing and are getting involved.

What does this all mean?  It means that companies and brands have started to care about what they launch into the market for consumers and the value that they put on their mobile apps has shifted.  It means that mobile developers have come into their own and the renaissance that we have written about continues.  It means that it isn’t enough to create something beautiful, seamless, functional and empowering – it has to work and it has to work well.

For Bitbar, this change in opinion is testimony to the value of Testdroid right from the start and proof that Testdroid was and still is a needed element in the industry.  Being first-to-market, our growing client list, our testing for multiple platforms and our partnerships with leading OEMs like Sony – all of these elements drive our global outlook and highlight the fact that we recognize that the world isn’t all Western.  Some of the most popular handsets in China don’t resemble the ones used in the U.S., which is why Testdroid has more handsets than any newcomer, with more than 50 new apps being tested each day and over 1,000 new users each month.  Those are some big numbers too!

So yes, things are changing very quickly and we continue to soldier on.  We might still be a red-headed stepchild, but we have a lot of love to give!

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