The Renaissance of the Mobile Developer

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Ahhh…the Renaissance. That period of historic revival where the “Renaissance Man” thrived in multiple fields and disciplines – from art, language and philosophy to science, engineering and medicine.

Without a doubt, the technology world is deep in its own renaissance. And akin to the scholars of the renaissance age, there’s no individual who is more at the forefront of the current technology revolution than the mobile app developer.

Gartner Research Director Danny Brian has explored the topic of  The Renaissance Developer, saying:

“These are folks who thrive on the new. They welcome the revival of interest and passion in great technologies. They know they have a lot to gain by adopting new tools, languages, practices and patterns.”

Brian goes on to explain that the “prototypical renaissance developer…brings to the job a veritable toolbox of skills.”

We couldn’t agree more. We believe that developers are the most important players. This is why we are building tools for developers rather than for traditional testers.

In the old world of software development, the traditional cycle was the developer develops, the tester tests and then the developer fixes the bugs. We are now witnessing the renaissance of the mobile developers, who are making testing part of their responsibilities and bypassing the traditional cycle.

Developers see the ever shrinking release cycle of mobile apps. A release cycle of a mobile app can even be once a week, plus releases for external beta users on top of that, as well as internal releases. A mobile web app can be released multiple times per day!

With a pace like this, mobile developers want to get instant feedback on the new features and fixes, not a week or so after a manual testing cycle (which is typically a week plus). They want to fix their bugs and lay-out issues or performance glitches right after their code check-in, all while their mind is still fresh in the code they just wrote.

To do that, developers themselves are creating automated tests with Testdroid, which are executed right after every code change, and they get results for their tests from real devices in minutes.

We look forward to continuing to grow our platform and giving our renaissance developers a fully integrated development, testing and deployment experience for all relevant mobile platforms.

Has Testdroid helped you become one of the mobile renaissance developers? Tell us how using @bitbar on Twitter and let us know your thoughts on how we can revolutionize your mobile development even further!

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