The Value of User Experience Monitoring for Mobile Apps

Maximizing and providing the best possible user experience is the top requirement for all mobile related products – and the top priority for their developers. Today’s mobile users expect apps, games and mobile web work flawlessly regardless of location where they use those and how they use those. In this perspective monitoring a native app, game or website in production is important, but it’s even more important to get the right metrics out of that monitoring data, and understand how to build better end-user experience.

Introduction to User Experience Monitoring in Mobile

We’ve discussed about synthetic mobile monitoring here at Bitbar blog few times, and as that practice isn’t too new, it also has things that are strongly deriving from the desktop world. Something that has worked well on desktop may not be as successful with mobile related things.

Therefore, building an end-user experience monitoring for mobile apps, games and web must be fully mobile-first and monitor exactly the right things around use cases. In short, User Experience Monitoring (UXM) is a modern monitoring practice for mobile. It is a form of synthetic mobile monitoring (also known and called as proactive mobile monitoring) that replicates real user interactions for mobile apps, games and websites. The monitoring results guide developers to improve their apps and enhance the app user experience.

User experience monitoring monitors and measures all critical aspects of native mobile applications, even mobile games and websites on mobile devices. It leverages all aspects of mobile platform (software and hardware) and makes 24/7 monitoring of service availability, compatibility and accessibility easy and effortless.

The whole point with user experience monitoring is that it works identically like a real user would use the app, buy services, interact with app’s features that communicate with some back-end implementation etc. The use case would be identical also to real-user monitoring (RUM) but there wouldn’t be actual users doing this but all interactions would be replacated as test scripts and other simulated inputs.

Bitbar User Experience Monitoring Sneak Peak

The Benefits of User Experience Monitoring

First of all, user experience monitoring utilizes identical set of equipments, hardware and software, that would be used by an end-user. This makes monitoring and all its data trustworthy and accurate. Preventing any sort of performance, compatibility and usability issues are in significant role of enabling better user experience. And when looked this from the developer’s point of view, preventing something that may have negative impact on their mobile product, their business and their brand, are something that should be taken seriously and prevant to happen as early as possible.

The user experience monitoring has 6 unique benefits over any other form of mobile monitoring, and those are as follows:

Any issue should be visible as soon as it happens. When using user experience monitoring for mobile apps, games and websites all details about the app behavior, launch, execution and interaction is provided with network stack information, screenshots and additional log data. With these test results users can optimize and fix any issues related to their product running on different physical locations and networks. The user experience should be monitored 24/7 and intervals should be as short as possible to provide information when something isn’t working.

Getting only the right data. With real user experience monitoring nothing is simulated or emulated. That’s the basis to get only reliable and trustworthy data about the user experience, performance, stability and usability of your product running and working for end-users. User experience monitoring should provide all necessary network, OS/platform and user level details that makes debugging and fixing of those problems quick and easy.

Easy to setup, even to other corner of the world. As we’re talking about monitoring that happens in a real network, in real physical location any place in the world, it should be easy and effortless for its users to get things up and running. All business and performance critical information should be on real-time, provided with fine-grained details about those form factors for user experience.

The most secure way to monitor apps.The best competitive advantage in user experience monitoring is that nothing gets out to users that could exploit your app, service or any aspects of it. The user experience monitoring enables monitoring of applications even in beta so you don’t need to go through tedious app release cycles but just uploading your APK or IPA to the service and selecting locations/networks will get your monitoring checks going.

Improved App Quality and Better Perception by Users. Probably the most fundamental value that user experience monitoring offers is that all that metric achieved from real-world execution can get you the right data to improve those factors for better user experience. As the app quality, its attributes and end-user perspective is considered during the monitoring, all of those have a direct impact on app quality and eventually how end-users accept your product.

Use of Existing Test Automation Assets. When mobile apps are build today for large number of different devices, different user personas and segments, mobile apps should have been thoroughly tested before publishing those out for users. Test automation has been an instrumental way to get various aspects of mobile app tested in an automated process, and this is something that is available in user experience monitoring as well. With sophisticated test automation combined into our monitoring product, you can build any levels of test automation into monitoring process. Using open-source test automation frameworks with monitoring makes creation of complex and highly sophisticated tests easy and effortless.

The Most Valuable Features of User Experience Monitoring

Compelling features that make end-user mobile monitoring easy, quick and effortless are important for all products that aim to hit certain audience and provide stunning user experiences with its features and performance. There are few distinctive features in user experience monitoring that makes it unique when compared to all other monitoring techniques:

User testing for native apps, games and mobile web. User experience can be tested and monitored on different locations, using different networks, and variety of different important metrics can be fetched and monitored during the process. User experience monitoring doesn’t limit its functionalities or use cases to mobile web only but provides the first mobile native app monitoring capabilities for its users.

Reuse of Appium test scripts. Appium is one of the hottest test automation framework for mobile app testing at the moment. If you use Appium for mobile app testing, our user experience monitoring also takes those Appium test scripts and allows them to run on any locations around the world. This will improve the testability and test automation aspects and results as an improved app quality and reusability of your current test assets.

Application, Transactions, Pings, Back-End Integrations. Our user experience monitoring provides versatile features for mobile monitoring. If you are working with a back-end, want to get app launched and get all possible metrics and data about its performance, or simply get data about a monitor check, then use of user experience monitoring is highly encouraged.

Real network traffic and data (no emulation). Mobile apps rely on third-party service providers like CDNs, ad networks, e-commerce platforms, and social media networks to get things done. With help of user experience monitoring you get an efficient way to manage all third-party services, get all the data that your app is pushing for those third-party services, and to see and inspect networks traffic and stack traces of those. Clear and comprehensive reports can be obtained and all details of performance, compatibility, usability and user experience can be combined into one, cohesive report.

When things go wrong, you must know about it, instantly. In user experience monitoring, many things can quickly pass by users but sophisticated scripts take care that nothing is passed by those. You’ll get notified about problems and any issues instantly, and via different preferred channels.

Availability and Performance Equals as Revenue Generation

If your website is down and you are not aware of this, your business quickly drops to zero. When any of blocking issue, problem or slow-down happens on your asset you should be notified as soon as possible and get instructions of how to get rid of the revenue blocking issue. That’s what user experience monitoring is also extremely useful for.

With help of user experience monitoring provided by Bitbar your business can monitor the most critical assets in your revenue generation. Whether those are native mobile app, mobile game or mobile website that your target audience is using on mobile devices, there is tremendous value that Bitbar Monitoring has to offer for you.

We’ll be gearing towards the launch of the product and will surely keep you updated. Meanwhile, we have a trial for beta users available and it can be requested on Bitbar Monitoring website.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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