Upcoming Update: iOS 11 Devices Available and Framework Updates on September 13

iOS 11 device testing at Bitbar Cloud

Hello everyone,

At Bitbar, we always push the boundaries of agility and quality by providing organizations with the most stable and scalable testing solution for mobile apps. In order to bring you the best iOS development and testing experience, we will perform an iOS environment upgrade and add iOS 11 devices to our Cloud on September 13th.

What is the upgrade about?

  • iOS 11 devices available at Bitbar Cloud. As always, the new OS version is expected to be quickly adopted by a vast number of iOS users around the globe. To help you prepare for the fragmentation growth, we will be adding new iPhone and iPads with iOS 11 to expand our iOS device lab and help you cover new combinations of unique devices and OS versions without no concerns on existing device compatibility.
  • More devices, zero impact on device concurrency. Our capability for parallel device testing stays the same, a.k.a UNLIMITED device concurrency. Simply add the new iOS 11 devices into your device list.
  • Xcode 9 for iOS app testing.Along with the availability of iOS 11 devices, we will also upgrade our iOS testing environment to allow every iOS developer to execute tests using Xcode 9 against iOS 11 devices at Bitbar Cloud.
  • XCUITest for iOS 11 device testing. Even though only XCUITest will be supported for iOS 11 device testing, getting started with XCUITest on real devices is rather simple. And we will upgrade other frameworks to support iOS 11 device testing on Bitbar Cloud when they get upgraded and support for Xcode 9.
  • Appium 1.6.5 support. In addition to iOS updates, we will also upgrade Appium support to the current stable version 1.6.5.

When will the upgrade occur?

It’s set to take place in the evening PDT, Tuesday September 12 | morning CET, Wednesday September 13 (time to be confirmed). The upgrade should not take longer than three hours. Please stay tuned for the notification at cloud.bitbar.com.

What actions do I need to take?

You can and should begin preparing for the iOS change now.

  1. If you want to deliver a same level of user experience to the iOS 11 adopters, make sure your iOS tests are well written and can be executed on our iOS 11 devices after the maintenance.
  2. If you have iOS tests written in another framework other than XCUITest, however, we’d suggest you think about a migration to this framework. Not only can you perform automated UI testing on iOS 11 devices as early as they are available, but in the long run you can always assure the app compatibility on new iOS releases immediately.
    At the heart of helping teams quickly get onboard with test automation, we provide full Professional Services that our dedicated engineer will be at your disposal to design, create and validate test scripts for your unique testing needs.
  3. Of course, don’t forget to add new devices to your iOS device groups or simply create a new device group for dedicated iOS 11 device testing.

Where can I find more information?

You can always go to our Documentation portal for all the release notes.

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