Upcoming Updates: New Bitbar Cloud Domain and Menu

Hello everyone,

We’d like to first thank you for being our users and believing in our mobile DevOps vision. In October we will start using the new domain – https://cloud.bitbar.com for public cloud access, calling it the last step of rebranding from Testdroid.

The current domain cloud.testdroid.com will still be available until the end of the year. We will keep two domains running in parallel, but you will get redirected to the new domain automatically once it is up and running.

How will it affect your automated tests at Bitbar Cloud?

N.B. The domain change will not have any impact on private cloud access. 

  • UI location moves to cloud.bitbar.com. 
  • If you perform CI testing at Bitbar Cloud, the automation scripts should be updated to use the new domain.
  • If you are using API for querying, cloud.testdroid.com will be accessible until the end of the year. Once we change the domain, your API calls might be broken.

What’s new with the change?

The Monitoring button will be moved to the menu listed as an item. This is a move to consolidate our vision of providing one Cloud service for mobile DevOps. We will detail more on that later.

Bitbar DevOps Menu


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