Using Testdroid Cloud’s Interactive Feature for Web Development

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Every web developer knows how challenging it can be to get your web site working and looking great with every possible browser out there. Sure, many give up and try to cut it by focusing on the mainstream and the most used browsers. Furthermore, it can be yet more challenging when you’re developing responsive web sites intended on working well also on tablets and smaller mobile devices.

Would emulators provide any help here? Unfortunately not. Everyone who has worked with emulators and have tried to install the standard web browsers (e.g. Chrome) on those know the pain how to get that sort of setup to get up and running.

We have hit that exact challenge while developing the site. At first, we were using various browsers on our computers and also some mobile devices found in our pockets and laying on office tables. But very soon it became obvious that those are simply not enough to verify that our new site really looks stunning and works great on every device (and browser). Sure, you can use browsers to a certain point to verify that responsiveness and other stuff works but as we found out, the results will often look quite different on a real device compared to the squeezed browser window on a computer. So, enter Interactive!

Mobile Web Development and Testing

Interactive is our new cool tool that you can use to manually test your Android and iOS apps or web sites / hybrid apps with any of the real devices found in our cloud. With Interactive, you are able to verify the web site on every screen size and browser typically found on tablets and other mobile devices. It’s safe to say that without Interactive the results can be quickly achieved.

We were developing our own site so we have the luxury of tweaking it here and there as we go along but when you’re developing a web site for a client this type of more comprehensive UX testing becomes even more important. Remember this: Today, it’s simply not acceptable that web site works well only with the major browsers found on computers – it needs to work across all major web browsers found on mobile devices.

Happy web testing!