We’re in the Sandbox!

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Sandboxes. We’ve all sat in them, built castles in them, wrestled toys away from other children in them. The definition of a sandbox is quite simple: a box filled with sand where children play.

Next week, May 15-17, we’ll be in the most recognized sandbox in the technology playground, the Google I/O Developer Conference Sandbox, and we are fired up to be part of this elite group! The Developer Sandbox showcases demos from a wide range of developers who have built applications based on products and technologies that are being featured at Google I/O. This includes us. We’ll be rubbing elbows and exchanging ideas with talented minds as we introduce Google+ sign in to all Testdroid products. Earlier this year, Google launched its Google+ sign in as a standard way to log in to online services. We support Google’s initiatives in whatever they do, even more so when developers are at the heart of these initiatives. Move over Facebook, now you can sign in with Google +!

This will be the second year that we’ve showcased Testdroid at Google I/O. Last year at this time, while some developers showed limited, web-based app testing capabilities in iOS, we were the only ones there that demonstrated the power of cloud-based app testing. This year we expect to see many more like-minded developers, even though we remain first-to-market with a global reach. We view our second year participating at Google I/O as a milestone that not only marks our growth over these past 12 months – confirming that we are on the right path and doing some cool stuff – but is testimony to the evolution of the Android testing platform industry as a whole … like more children playing in the sandbox.

We look forward to our three days in San Francisco next week at Google I/O and are excited to be in the Sandbox. Oh, and we promise to play nice!