[Webinar] – Parallel Test Runs with Appium on Real Mobile Devices

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Appium is an open source test automation framework and currently one of the hottest framework for mobile app, game and web testing. In most cases, nevertheless, Appium is being used with emulators or with real devices one at a time. That is definitely not efficient and agile in terms of today’s fast-paced mobile evolution.

Few weeks ago, we introduced a new way to use Appium/Selenium with real devices on cloud a.k.a Parallel Appium Tests or Server-Side Appium and were pleased to present it at London Selenium Meetup. Since the introduction, we have been receiving many inquiries regarding its features, how to use this Server-Side Appium and its benefits.

Parallel Appium Test Runs at Cloud

In our next webinar, Ville-Veikko Helppi (Technical Product Manager at Testdroid) will be discussing about the best practices, tips and tricks of how to use Appium for different types of apps, games and web apps, and how to use all new features around it – the parallel test runs, image recognition and more!

Join this one-hour online session on Tuesday, May 12th at 10am PST / 6pm GMT. We have a Q&A session right after the presentation.

Be sure to register this webinar and reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Not available for the webinar? You can check out Ville-Veikko’s blog.

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